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an improvised audio-visual experience




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The audio output was split - one stream (stereo L + R) going to the speakers while the other to the input of the software visualiser. This visualiser would graphically react to the transient level of the audio.

The output of the visualiser then projected onto Wednesday's face. His face became the screen.

Therefore a loop was created : body > trigger > audio/visualiser > body


The sampler contained thousands of samples. It was deliberately configured in such a way that Wednesday was unsure of what would happen upon a note being activated. We should consider the keyboard as being a trigger device rather than a conventional music note selector. Very often 1 of 8 samples would become audible. Each key would trigger a different set of samples

Likewise the intelligent visualiser was constantly evolving. If one was to play a middle c piano tone on the keyboard we would 'see' that note portrayed by the visualiser. If the same note was activated, say, 10 seconds later we would again 'see' the visual representation of the note but this time in a completely differnt form.

Therefore both the audio and the visualisation contain strong elements of chance