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Innovative Australian synth pioneer - a member of self-styled groups - JAB (1976 - 1979) and MODELS (1979 - 1980), he combined experimental analog synthesizer textures with punk/rock rhythms.

1980 - he was to collaborate with JAB/Models manager Karen Marks. He recorded and released an independent solo single, 'Love by Numbers/Boring Instrumental'.

He produced 4 songs with Karen including what was to become the retro cult classic Cold Cafe

Around this point of time he was to join AL WEBB and ANDREW PICOULEAU to complete an experimental recording project THE METRONOMES ( 2 singles and 2 albums Cleopatra records).

Concurrently, WEDNESDAY was to collaborate with NUVO BLOC member T.E. POWER on a project titled THEALONIAN MUSIC. Although almost clandestine by nature, this excercise in spontaneous composition was to strongly influence much of WEDNESDAY's attitude to subsequent projects.


Ash Wednesday 1980  -  Photo Kerry Allen


He continued experimenting with electronics throughout the 80's with numerous and diverse, but relatively low profile projects - most notably, perhaps, being MODERN JAZZ - an impromtu assemblage of electro-based musicians, performing live on stage to a randomly programmed techno beat, although at this point of time (early 80's) the term 'techno' was yet to be invented!

1988 - CRASHLAND! WEDNESDAY was to apply his approach to digital sampling, initially culminating in CRASHLAND! - another very self-styled group of considerable impact and live popularity.

1990 - The Brotherhood of John Lawrance Ash contributed keyboards to the live performances and recordings of the iconic Melbourne group

1992 - WEDNESDAY was based in Berlin from 1992-1997.


1995 - he was a member of the production team for NINA HAGEN's 'Freud Euch/Bee Happy CD (RCA Deutschland).

1997 - he began working (in a live performance capacity) with the legendary EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN - a position he was to occupy until late 2013

1999 - he returned to Melbourne, Australia where he re-united with ex-CRASHLAND! vocalist LYN GORDON to form THE TINGLER. An initial cd, 'The TINGLER' released April 1999.

2014/15 - The ASH WEDNESDAY EFFECT An extraordinary live performance audio visual experience. A completely improvised 'here and now' presentation.




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