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Lyn Gordon (vocal, guitar) Ash Wednesday (sampler) Ray Moore (drums) Phil Sutherland (bass)

Crashland! began life as a twisted covers-band, intentionly playing songs from vague memories, rather than listening back to these tunes and then bothering to work them out. The plan was to breathe new life into old standards.


Pic of Crashland!


live review by Michael Witheford, 'juke' may 21 1988, the tote, Melbourne

'I'm slipping into a coma when all of a sudden... SEX! Hyper-ventilating, pelvis clutching, groaning, pounding, panting, very, very, naughty sex is oozing of a stage and winding out my hormone levels. It's a noise that sounds rude and vulgar, and the guilty party is Crashland!

Pete Townsend's biggest cartwheeling powerchord is hiding in a sample in Ash Wednesday's keyboard, and while the bass and drums combine to make my intestines do the hokey pokey, the chord keeps coming back to smash my head into total submission. It's more fun than laughing, but there's more.

A girl with a microphone has gone 'ga ga'. Her name is Lyn Gordon and she sneers like Linda Blair in 'The Excorcist' as an unearthy scream comes from somewhere deep down. She hiccups and snorts, squeals and grunts, nearly destroys the PA with octave shock. But within seconds, her face is transformed by a cherubic smile, and gosh, she could be Johnny Young's favourite little girl.

Crashland slow rockabilly down until it's a tormenting metallic grind. They chew up film musical tunes and spit them out as mangled wreckage. They get trash rock like 'Cherry Bomb' and trash it more so it's really smelly and sleazy. They sound like Big Black, Led Zep and Nina Hagen fighting in hell. They write silly words to strange songs. They are interesting, and they're in your backyard.'


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Keyboards played by Ash in Crashland!

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' CRASHLAND! ' 1990 Regular Records D 30 149



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