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Info about JAB...

J - Johnny Crash (drums, synthesizer)

A - Ash Wednesday (synthesizer, bass, tapes)

B - Bohdan X (vocals, guitar)

other members at various times

Boris ? (guitar, bass)

Bob Stopa (guitar)

Pierre Voltaire (bass)

1978 Promo photo of JAB - Bob Stopa, Johnny Crash, Ash Wednesday, Bohdan X


JAB was formed in Adelaide (Wednesday's home town) in January 1976. The initial instrument line-up comprised 2 ARP synthesizers, percussion, tapes and guitar. JAB began playing daringly avante garde arrangements of 3 chord street songs. Unable to work within the confines of established venues, JAB went underground, often organising their own shows. They had built up a strong cult following by the time they migrated to Melbourne in August 1977. At this point of time (the birth of 'punk' in Australia) JAB were to re-model themselves slightly. Ash switched to bass and tapes and Bob Stopa was recruited as 2nd guitarist.

JAB signed to 'Suicide Records' January 1978, 2 songs, 'Blonde and Bombed' and 'Let's Go' included on the 'Lethal Weapons' album. These recordings document Wednesday's approach (at that point of time) to the (then unfashionable) synthesizer.


JAB live 1978  -  ' Final Show '  -  Photo Tanya McIntyre


In live performance JAB were to exude an aura of extraverted meglomania, initiated by Bohdan, but ably supported by Ash and Johnny. Whether you loved them or hated them, you certainly noticed them. To quote from Bohdan's 'We are Different'..

'We are different, we are free

from you people in society

do what we like, like what we do

don't you wish you could too!





'Lethal Weapons' Suicide Records VXL1 4072 distributed by RCA Aust. 1978

compilation - JAB tracks LET'S GO and BLONDE AND BOMBED

other artists Boys Next Door, Teenage Radio Stars, Negatives, Wasted Daze, Survivors, X-Ray-Z

Listen to 'Let's Go'

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Photo Tanya McIntyre