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Formed in 1976
Style Experimental, punk
Original line-up: Bohdan X (guitar, vocals), Ash Wednesday (synthesiser, bass), Boris ? (guitar), Johnny Crash, drums)
Adelaide band JAB started out as an experimental outfit, taking inspiration from the likes of Eno, David Bowie and certain German electronic artists such as Kraftwerk, Neu!, Faust and Can. With the advent of punk/new wave circa 1977, the band took on a brasher punk stance. Alongside the likes of The Dagoes, Young Modern, X-Ray-Z, Black Chrome, Nasty Nigel and the Teenage Hellcats, Sputniks, The U-Bombs, The Warm Jets and The Accountants, JAB was part of the first wave of new bands on the Adelaide scene.
JAB backed frontman Bohdan X on his solo single `Time to Age'/`You Got Soul' which came out on the Tomorrow label in late 1977. The single was not punk, however, being almost acoustic in a Roy Harper vein. By the time the single came out, JAB had relocated to Melbourne. Bobby Stopa replaced Boris on guitar. JAB became part of the Melbourne new wave scene, and got swept up, along with The Boys Next Door, Teenage Radio Stars, X-Ray-Z, The Negatives and others, as part of the Suicide Records package. JAB contributed two tracks, `Blonde and Bombed' and `Let's Go', to the label's 1978 Various Artists compilation Lethal Weapons.
Pierre Voltaire (bass; ex-Teenage Radio Stars) joined JAB in May 1978, but three months later the band broke up. Bohdan X joined members of The Chosen Few to form Bohdan and the Instigators. He later issued several solo records, including the four-track, 12-inch EP Bohdan (`Fear of Flying') (Rumour, December 1983) and the mini-album Kingsnake (Rampant, 1988). He became a DJ on community radio station 3RRR-FM. Wednesday, Crash and Voltaire linked up with Sean Kelly (guitar, vocals; ex-Teenage Radio Stars) to form Models. Wednesday stayed with Models for a year, after which he played with The Metronomes, Modern Jazz and Crashland. He also issued a solo single in 1980, `Love by Numbers'/`Boring Instrumental'

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