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(early 1980's)




The Metronomes first appeared in Melbourne in 1979 with an obscure single "Saturday Night/Sunday Morning". Initial members were rock journo-synth player Al Webb and bass player Andrew Picouleau (Secret Police, Sacred Cowboys). Ash guested on one side and joined permanently soon after.


Saturday Night sleeve

Saturday Night/Sunday Morning

A Circuit Like Me sleeve

A Circuit Like Me/Closed Circuit

Listen to 'A Circuit Like Me'


The band was never intended to be a live outfit and only ever came together in the studio.
A second single "A Circuit Like Me/Closed Circuit" was released in 1980,the first album "Multiple Choice" soon after.The then-cutting-edge Roand DR-55 (Doctor Rhythm) drum machine and a few triggered synths were the sum total of devices available.


Multiple Choice sleeve

Listen to 'Bad Timing' from Multiple Choice


In 1985 they got together in between other commitments and recorded a second album "Regular Guys". The album was unique at the time in that it was mixed and mastered using PCM technology, digitally recorded onto video tape, giving an amazingly clean sound with almost zero background noise.


Regular Guys sleeve

Listen to '18 Creature' from Regular Guys


"Ash's ingenuity in creating something out of very little was the key to the Metronomes sounding as 'produced' as they did" - Al Webb. The group was an integral part of the early electronic music scene in Australia.

2004 - a new CD

Today sleeve

Listen to 'Today' from Today





and 2016 for it Records




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L-R  A. Picouleau,  A. Wednesday,  A. Webb  1981