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Audio Oscillators 2

No. of waveforms Unlimited

Pulse Width Modulation Yes

LFO Pitch Modulation Yes

Oscillator sync Yes

Fine Tuning Yes

Ring Modulation Yes

Noise Pink & White

Pitch bend Yes

Portamento (Glide) Yes

FILTER: 24dB/oct LP filter + High-pass filter

Filter self-oscillation Yes

Keyboard tracking Fully variable




Dedicated Envelopes 1 x ADSR, 1 x AR

No. of Envelope destinations 6

Envelope inversion No

LFO re-triggering Yes


Dedicated LFOs 1

No. of LFO destinations 8

No. of LFO waveforms 2

Sample & hold Yes

No. of S&H destinations 5


Polyphony 2 note Keyboard 37 note

Pitchbend Knob, Transpose +/- 2 octave



Both VCOs are switchable between sawtooth, square, and pulse waveforms with oscillator sync, a ring modulator, and pink or white noise. Pulse-width can be modulated manually or with the LFO or the ADSR envelope generator. There is a high-pass filter, as well as a low-pass self-oscillating VCF. The filter can be controlled by either of the two envelope generators, an ADSR (attack, decay, sustain , release) and a simple AR (attack, release) and modulated by the LFO, sample-and-hold, the keyboard, or a separate CV (pedal) input on the back panel.

The Odyssey was the first duophonic (ability to play two notes at the same time) synthesizer. This 37-note synthesizer was made in three versions. The first version was off-white (see photo above), the second (in 1977) was black with gold markings on its front panel. The third (1977 and later), and more common, version was black with orange markings. The third version had an external audio input, a steel frame, and was also equipped with Proportional Pitch Control (PPC).





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