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Radio interview with T.E. Power

Does the name 'Thealonian Music' have any significance?

'In the work that we have recorded, the name has a great deal of significance. It is derived from the words ' the alone in the music' and it's a fine example of Porter's Law. '

You've recorded a cassette LP titled 'Project X Chromosome X'. I've heard rumours that this was in fact recorded in a giant football stadium. Would you care to comment on this?

' Well, yes, I've heard this too and just don't know where such stories would come from! It defies my imagination to associate football stadiums with Thealonian Music, though we have rejected one offer to play the next Grand Final. I mean there was this incredible noise and dogs barking and Ted shouting through a bullhorn and somebody rang and said, 'Leave town and run like hell!' I mean, what can you do! I think Barry Crocker had the greatest influence on that area - that really makes our contribution to football stadiums rather minimal. '

Do you think that Thealonian Music is relevant to the here and now of today's society, or is it some wishy-washy, pretentious, hippy offshoot?

' I'm not surprised it gets called 'wishy-washy'. It gets so little space in guide books. Often tourists find a massive dose of double take indigestible. Modern society is based on a lack of nutrient, as far as I can see it. In relation to that and Thealonian Music, there is a fair amount of substance, I should say. The overall concept was that of inspired euphoria, and henceby creating a type of music that was purely inspired improvisation. '

Do you feel that your music has any commercial potential?

'To adult dogs I should think it would. '

Thank you Mr Power, just one final question.....

' I think I just found a loophole. '