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TR 808 ---------------------------------- audio -----------------------------------> mixer

. -------- trigger 1 --------CSQ 600 .1 --------- SH 09 (bass)------------>mixer

. -------- trigger 2 --------CSQ 600 .2 --------- SYNTH-------------------->mixer


. -------- Roland Sync----------------------------- TB 303-------------------->mixer



ARP Odyssey--------------------------------------------------------------------->mixer


Casio keyboard------------------------------------------------------------------>mixer


kbd efx - Roland analog echo, boss bf 2 flanger


GUITAR -------------------------------------direct------------------------------->mixer

------ Korg X-911 Guitar Synth-------------------------------------------->mixer


VOCAL MICROPHONE-------------------------------------------------------->mixer

VOCAL MICROPHONE-------------------------------------------------------->mixer



efx Korg tape echo used for guitar setup or vocal


The chosen equipment set-up incorporated the (then cutting edge technology of) Roland TR,

TB, SH, CSQ series as the rhythmic foundation of the music. Rhythm patterns were written to the

TR-808 drum machine . This machine allowed 2 separate trigger sources to be written into each

respective pattern. Each trigger source was connected to an independent CSQ 600 digital

sequencer, which, in turn would advance 1 step upon receiving the trigger. Related song patterns

were then written to the 808 in a un-premeditated and wreckless manner . The plan behind this

was to endeavor to utilize sequencers in a manner which would offer an element of surprise.

Just prior to recording, an elected series of notes was mutually nominated. These notes were then

rapidly and impulsively entered (in any particular amount and order) into the CSQ sequencers.

With song tempo randomly selected (808) play was activated - voila!